SAFE Cronite manufactures a wide variety of parts for the steel manufacturing industry.

Rolling Mills, Hot and Cold Strip Mills
Exit Table Rolls
Tension Rolls
Upper and Lower Pinch Rolls
Looper Rolls
Wrapper Rolls
Wet and Dry Rolls for Heating/Soaking Furnaces
Skids and Riders for Pusher Slab and Billet Reheating Furnaces
Riders for Walking Beam Slab and Billet Reheating Furnaces
Cast Recuperator Elements

Continuous Annealing and Galvanizing Lines
Pre-Heat Rolls
Sink Rolls
Stabilizing Rolls
Seal Rolls
Support Arms for sink and stabilizing rolls
Sleeves and Bushings

Blast Furnaces
Wear Plates
Blow Pipes
Cast Screens
Bimetallic Pipes for Granulated Slag Transportation