Burner Systems and Tube Support Fittings

Although this market is mature, there is a new demand for advanced burner technology to reduce pollution, in particular the nitrous oxides (Nox) and CO2 in the exhaust gases. These new burner systems are being installed in both existing (retrofit) and new plants, and SAFE Cronite is at the forefront of low emission burner developments.

SAFE Cronite produces a range of alloys specific to this industry:


  • • 28Cr and 25Cr/12Ni type alloys for good wear resistance against pulverised coal fuels.
  • • 52Ni / 18Cr for high strength, high temperatures.
  • • 50Ni / 48Cr / Nb (Type 657) to resist fuel ash corrosion from use of high sulphur and vanadium pentoxide containing fuels.