Composite and Titanium Forming

SAFE Cronite’s involvement with the aerospace industry started over 30 years ago with the development of cast forming tools for super plastic forming (SPF) and hot creep forming of titanium. With the recent radical change in aircraft manufacturing techniques and the introduction of carbon composite parts to replace aluminium, another type of tool is required to form these composite structures.

SAFE Cronite works closely with the industry and its subcontract tool suppliers to design strong, thermally efficient tools for all forming processes. Related parts such as plattens, for the hot presses are also supplied.

• For SPF and hot forming titanium at temperature between 700°C and 950°C. 25Cr / 20Ni (HR6), 52Ni / 18CR (HR4), 22Cr / 4Ni / 9Mn (HR13). HR4 is a proprietary alloy found to give the best all-around performance of strength, durability, hardness, machinability and repairability.

• For forming of carbon composites, an alloy was required with minimum coefficient of thermal expansion between room temperature and about 250°C. For this application a range of austenitic nickel iron cast alloys has been developed:

HR21 - 32Ni / Fe / Co
HR21A - 36Ni / Fe

Tools are also produced in carbon composite using our own specialised machining facility.

• For hot press plattens and other stressed parts in the press we offer several nickel chrome alloys that give excellent service life and performance.

HR6 - 25Cr / 20Ni
HR36A - 36Ni / 26Cr / 5W/ 15Co
HR33 - 35Ni / 25Cr
HR32 - 37Ni / 18Cr / Nb